Desktop twitter clients with multiple account support

With the advent of microblogging nowadays, netizens need an efficient platform of managing the different accounts they have. For example, some people use Twitter both for personal and professional services so it is necessary to have a software that would help in managing all of them. Here is a brief list of those software for the desktop in particular:

1.) Digsby
This desktop application has a multi-client support for instant messaging as well and can help you manage your social networking accounts and multiple Twitter accounts. This only works for Windows.

2.) Twibble Desktop
This application allows you to manage 3 Twitter accounts simultaneously. You may adjust viewing options, location awareness, and may even use keyboard shortcuts.

3.) Tweetie for Mac
This app started in mobile but was also adopted by Mac. It has a sleek, single column design which is very easy to use and does not alter your screen that much. Keyboard shortcuts may also be used and conversation styles are styled into threads for easier usage.

4.) Twhirl
According to the TwitStat Twitter board for client leaders, Twhirl is in the number 5 spot. It has a single column view too and enables cross-posting. You may also follow and record Seesmic videos.

5.) Seesmic Desktop
Seesmic is a direct competitor to TweetDeck. There is no limit to the number of accounts that you want to manage. It is also readily integrated to Facebook and it is arranged in multiple columns so you can access all your accounts easily.

6.) Nambu
Aside from Twitter, you may use this for and You may choose either single column or multi-column view. An interesting feature of this software is that you could identify Twitter trends, go back on saved searches, enable filters, aggregate links, and you could organize groups. If you have your own account in Nambu, shorten URLs you post by using and post photos using

7.) TweetDeck
This software has a search feature and has a multi-columned feature which you may rearrange through a very simple drag and drop mechanism. 5 columns are allowed. Also, direct messages as well as new follower and retweet notifications are faster. Cons indicate that keyboard shortcuts are limited. For example, you cannot press the enter key to send your tweet. Instead, it would just give you a line break. Also, as its name implies, this software only supports Twitter.

8.) MetroTwit
The application has a modern and clean feel and runs smoothly. You may freely post a new tweet anytime using the tweet box at the bottom. It is also helpful that clicking on a username enables you to view a user’s recent tweets and profile. This software is only available to Windows and Twitter. Also, it is not relatively free if you are managing multiple accounts. It is free if you are handling only one account. A pro version for multiple accounts cost 15 USD.

9.) Janetter
This software is close to the TweetDeck AIR. It supports multiple Twitter accounts and the new tweet box is placed on top of the screen. You may also have multiple columns and rearrange them by dragging and dropping. It is also a good thing that you can apply themes to the interface. However, the entire interface may look very busy and this software does not support other social networks including Facebook.

10.) TweetDeck AIR
TweetDeck AIR also deserves a spot in this list even if it is not already available. It used to be one of the best platforms for multiple accounts but it had to be ended as it was no longer being updated.